Kitchen Hood Cleaning Prevents Restaurant Fires

02 Feb

The fire prevention service demands that restaurants should clean their kitchen exhaust regularly since it can cause a fire.  For many years, restaurant owners used to hire inferior quality services for exhaust cleaning without knowing it can bring bad repercussions.   During that time, the industry was not regulated, and it was not compulsory to hire professional hood cleaning companies for that job. However, in most of the states today, those days are long gone.

A professional hood cleaner is trained on how to eliminate damage that can be caused by fire hazards.  It is important to note that most restaurant fires are started in the hood.  That is why the hood needs to be cleaned by an expert so as to ensure that there is no danger posed by the exhaust.  A hood cleaner normally cleans the fire suppression systems together with the ducts, fans, and hoods.

During their training, the kitchen exhaust cleaners are required to be careful when cleaning it so as to avoid building caustic chemical elements where the fusible link to the fire suppression system is located.  The fire suppression system is not supposed to get greasy in the pipes.  If this happens, the experts usually recommend that the restaurant should seek services from a professional technician immediately.  This technician should either clean all the pipes thoroughly of consider replacing them altogether.

On the other hand, it is advisable for the hood cleaners to ensure that the caps on the particular fire suppression nozzles are always intact.  These caps are red and they should remain intact always even after cleaning.  This is to avoid building up of grease that usually clogs up the nozzles if the caps are left hanging.  In addition, when the nozzles are clogged up, they can hinder the fire suppression system from putting out the fire. Know more about cleaning at

In order to clean the kitchen hood properly, it needs more than water and soap.  This is because the hood poses a unique fire hazard which may be hard to put out.  Therefore, it requires special high-powered tools and chemicals to get rid of all the grease.  This grease normally accumulates around the kitchen area, and it is important to get it removed by experts in kitchen hood cleaning.

There are safety standards that have been imposed by law for the commercial kitchens to adhere to.  This includes the installation, planning, operation, maintenance and assessment of all equipment that is used commercially.  This incorporates the exhaust hoods, fans and duct-work.

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